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Nude fine art photography by Sheldon Filger celebrates the unique beauty of the female form. His artistic studies of female nudity provide classical imagery of the wondrous bodies of nude women. Fine art nude photographs, in black & white and color, proclaim the sensual, erotic, magical beauty of the nude bodies of magnificent women.

Fine art nude photography as an artistic technique dates back to the dawn of photography in the mid-nineteenth century. Nude female forms have long fascinated artists, from the earliest epochs of painting and line drawing to the advent of photography. Fine art nude portrayals by Sheldon Filger of the female body have the feel of traditional nude art studies of the nude bodies of women, while offering a unique perspective with innovative techniques. His approach results in images of nude women that overwhelm the viewer with sensual beauty, feminine mystique and erotic pleasure. Nudity in art is more than naked imagery. It is the representation of the female form as a unique creation of nature. Every woman's body, simultaneously simple yet complex, is a special artistic tapestry, captured in all its glory through the fine art nude photography of Sheldon Filger. Utilizing traditional camera equipment, he captures in his female nudes the enchantment of the nude female body. Nude pictures of impeccable quality, representing fine art nude photography worthy of its subject, the eternally beautiful nude female figure.

Nude Women

Nude Women:
A Photographic Essay


Fine Art Nude Photography from Sheldon Filger on Vimeo.
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