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I modeled for Sheldon in the summer of 2003. Sheldon is an intriguing artist who works hard to make his models comfortable. Modeling for Sheldon is not easy; he does demand some strenuous poses in order to get the right curve or shadow, however, he sincerely appreciates the work that his models do.
I met Sheldon over the Internet, and before I modeled for him we met and he showed me some of his work. I had never modeled nude before, but Sheldon put me at ease and I found it to be an elating experience, which I found even more worthwhile when Sheldon showed me the prints from our session. The ways in which he makes the human form abstract are really quite beautiful and interesting. I modeled for Sheldon once because I thought it would be an easy way to make some money while helping out a developing artist, but I modeled for him two more times afterwards because I really liked the pictures he showed me and modeling also gave me something, a certain feeling of security in my own body and in my abilities. I give him a lot of credit for pursuing his passion as a photographer.
P.S. He lets you choose the music for your sessions, a definite plus.

I have done several shoots with Sheldon, and every time I've been impressed with the relaxed and comfortable working environment and challenging but interesting work. I am never asked to do poses that are not comfortable. Sheldon has a clear vision of what he wants, and provides helpful input and direction in assisting the model in executing her poses.
I find after doing a shoot with Sheldon that my self-esteem is much higher, and I feel more in touch with myself. Finally, when I see the actual images Sheldon has created from our shoots, I realize I have been in a partnership with the artist, and our teamwork together has created beautiful images that I personally feel very proud of.

Sheldon is funny, professional and does everything possible to make a model feel comfortable. While his poses are physically demanding, the environment in which they are shot leaves nothing to be desired.

Modeling for Sheldon was an incredibly unique and challenging experience. The actual physical work of the shoot was not so grueling. In fact, afterwards, I felt the same elation and self-confidence that one feels after an extremely rewarding session of yoga. Sheldon is the guy to model for. Not only did his images show excellence and mastery of many different photographic techniques, but I saw myself in a completely different, empowered fashion. To add to this, he was an incredible gentleman, and respected my mind as much as my body.

Working as a nude model was quite an experience, as it was nothing like what I had fathomed. I had thought that being nude would have been the biggest challenge doing the work. I soon realized during the shoot that being nude was just an aspect of the work and the challenge of posing became my main focus. Working with Sheldon was a pleasure, as he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My experience posing was most definitely a positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone as a fun and worthwhile challenge!

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